Swing Dance Events

Sugar Hill: C Jam Blues 26/7/18
Sugar Hill Social Thursdays!
The Bear Necessities of Lindy Hop 6/9/18
CANCELLED Balboa Social at Woburn Sands 11/7
FREE Dancing at Leighton Buzzard 14/7
Balboa with Stephen and Sarah at Sugar Hill
The Summer Masked Ball 4/8
Swingrave: Down For The Count 5/8
Swingrave Workshop : James and Bec 5/8/18
Swing Strolls at Sugar Hill 9/8/18
Swingrave Blues: Jiveswing and Chris Lord 2/9
FREE Taster MK 3/9/18
FREE Taster Aylesbury 4/9/18
Shag at Sugar Hill 11/10/18
Revival Day 10/11/18
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