‘Lindy Hop Heaven’ Drop-In every Tuesday!
‘Lindy-vidual’ personal touch with Sandy Bennett
Sugar Hill Social Thursdays!
JAZZi: Solo Jazz, next course 20th April ’18.
6 Count Lindy Hop: The Bear Necessities 28th June ’18
Balboa Courses start 6th June!
Lindy Land Aylesbury – Tuesdays
Shag Course at Sugar Hill 12/4
Balboa Social Dance 13/4/18
Lindy Hop course 16th April 2018
Spot Light at Sugar Hill 3/5
Swingrave Barn Dance 6/5
May Day Leighton Buzzard 7th May
Jon and Lesley teach at Sugar Hill 10/5
Swing Dance MK host Christian Aid Event
Rock ‘n’ Roll Course May 17th
Absolute Beginners Balboa 2 week Access Course
Bletchley Park 1940s weekend 26th, 27th and 28th May
David Zilkha Workshops 2/3 June’18
Swingrave Day of Balboa
The Summer Ball 4/8
Revival Day 10/11/18
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