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Swing Dance MK!

Lindy Hop is THE icon of swing dance and is a black American dance with its roots in the emergence of Jazz in the 20s. It evolved in the clubs of Harlem, namely The Savoy Ballroom, click here.
Swing dance styles arrived in UK during WW2 with the GIs.  This ‘new’ and exciting music had already taken over in the USA and in war time Europe it landed with an explosion of jazz and swing that provided an emotional escape for young people.  This created a cultural revolution allowing them to abandon their worries and to immerse themselves in the magic of social dancing and music.  Nearly 100 years later, the swing dance fever is back uniting and connecting us on and off the dance floor. 
Whatever your age, join our community, learn to dance, and step forward in time and on to the dance floor to recreate and transform the magic!

What We Do!


Can’t wait to welcome you back!


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Our Promise

Our aim is to make your visits to Swing Dance MK as enjoyable as possible by ensuring that you have fun, meet new friends, feel safe and achieve your personal swing dance goals.
We welcome everyone regardless of age, gender, ethnic background, sexual preference, disability or religion.  If you feel uncomfortable, please let one of the team know so that we can resolve any problems.
Finally, your feedback is very valuable as it will help us to improve the experience you have at Swing Dance MK.  You can contact me, Sandy, at at any time.  Wherever you dance – have fun, be safe and we hope to see you soon!

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