All Aboard the Birthday Special!

One of the joys of being a swing dancer is being able to bring dance into other people’s lives.

One such opportunity was at a joint birthday party for one of our members, Karen and her daughter, Alice. And the Swing Dance MK Performance Team turned out in numbers to help the celebrations!

The night was made extra special for Karen and Alice by one of the countries most in demand swing orchestras, Down for the Count. This amazing band played two sets: a swing set for Karen and a Motown set for Alice.

Here’s what Karen had to say about the whole thing:

On a bright and sunny February afternoon, the Swing Dance MK Express rolled into the small town of Winslow in North Bucks.

Eager and fresh, toe-tapping dancers alighted and made their way to the Public Hall to rehearse routines for a performance that evening. The event, a joint 60/30th birthday celebration for ‘old puffer’ team member Karen Higgins and her daughter Alice, was on track and promised to be a grand party for the young and not so young!

It was full steam ahead and Chief Engineer, Sandy Bennett along with her stylish troupe, were dressed to impress and entertained guests with a fantastic variety of jazz, Charleston and Lindy Hop routines.

Swing Dancers for Hire Bucks
Rhythm by Casey MacGill performed by SDMK Performance Team.

This set the tone for the evening and party-goers filled the platform to learn a fun Charleston icebreaker which gathered speed as the amazing Down for the Count Orchestra struck up their first swing number of the set.

Swing Dancers for Hire Bucks
Down for the Count Orchestra play whilst the dancers perform a Charleston stroll.

Engine stoked, they whistled through their swing and Motown sets, giving everybody an opportunity to strut their stuff.

And what a night it was! Everyone had a great time and guests really enjoyed the dance performances, social Lindy Hop and dancing to live music.

Karen and Alice thank Sandy and her team for making their day so special.

Swing Dancers for Hire
Swing Dance MK Performance Team at a private birthday party performance.

For Karen and Alice’s party, we warmed everyone up with a selection of performances of our lively and upbeat routines. Then, we got all the guests up and dancing with a mini ice-breaker class – what a night!

If you would like to hire the Swing Dance MK Performance Team for your party, event or function, please contact Sandy for more information about how we can “bring the swing” to you!

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