BALBOA Full Course/ Drop-In Jun/Jul 2019

As a complete beginner I have just complete the finest Balboa course around. The teachers were excellent; made it fun, accessible, informative with great technique/styling instruction. I’ve wanted to learn this dance for many years and have learnt so much in 6 weeks. Debbie Hillyer

Balboa with Swing Dance MK has been growing in popularity and our dancers have made great progress under the guidance of our wonderful teachers Stephen Pagano and Sarah Robinson. IMG_3008

This dedicated Balboa evening at 3 levels will suit new Balboa dancers who have done our beginners course at least once or our ‘access’ course on 22nd and 29th May, along with our more experienced dancers.

Structure and Pricing:
There will be 3 levels each evening.
Level 1 Beginners 7.45-8.20pm
Level 2 Next Steps 8.35-9.10pm
Level 3 Improvers/Intermediates 9.25-10pm
Each 25 minute class is followed by 15 mins practice which is an integral part of the class but will allow for a slight over run if necessary.
Dancers will be entitled to participate in at least 2 classes but our most experienced dancers only will be able to do level 3. If you are a level 3 dancer you will have been dancing Balboa for 6 months to a year and will have done 3 or 4 courses with us. You will be very welcome to join the level 1 dancers to help them through the tricky early stages. Level 1 and 2 dancers you are very welcome to stay and watch level 3 – to see where you are heading and participate with a partner without rotating. Please note that the 3rd class will be moving at a pace and at a pitch suitable only for level 3.

We expect most of our dancers to be in the level 2 class.

If you are unsure of your level, please contact Sandy, Sarah or Stephen for help but ‘caution’ is recommended.
In the words of Ryan Francois: ‘I got good quickly by just doing ‘beginner level’ classes’
Repeating the foundations of technique enable progress.

Access course 22nd and 29th May, £20 per person.
Six week course with Social on 6th week 5th June to 10th July £50 per person or £9 per week as a drop-in.

There is a lot of interest in Balboa so be sure to book early with Sandy on 07918167217 or private message.

VENUE:  Woburn Sands Village Hall 4 High Street, Woburn Sands MK17 8RH

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