Beginners Lindy Hop Course 14/9/20

‘I’ve just finished a beginner Lindy Hop course and it was fantastic. The teacher was not only very knowledgeable but really knew how to explain the steps and why certain techniques were important when dancing. Also, the format of the classes and the lovely energy made the hours go by so quickly because you can’t help but have fun. Highly recommended! Looking forward to more dancing with this group!’ 

This course with Sandy Bennett, Sarah Robinson and Jamie Brice is where it all begins and is the spring board into swing.
It gives you the fundamental principle skills of footwork, posture, pulse and connection with a deep understanding of the essence of Lindy Hop. The course continues to evolve and has never been better.2

We teach the technique within the moves so that you can create your own.
We teach you how to use momentum and energy to make your dancing flow effortlessly.
We teach you how to tune in to your partner so that you can experience the magic of dancing as one.

Sandy and Sarah are professional teachers and therefore base teaching methods on sound principles of learning, although you will be having so much fun you are unlikely to notice.

Join our newest group of new dancers and make friends for life as you learn this incredible dance.

Course dates and cost:
Sept 14th, 21st and 28th. October 5th, 12th and 19th.
Cost: £60 payable by the closing date of 19th April.
Payments to Swing Dance MK 09-01-28 94663117 ref ‘Kings’.

Book soon to avoid disappointment.
For info or to book contact Sandy on 07918167217 or
If you would like to chat with someone who has already done the course to find out just how good it is, contact Sandy on the number above.

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