JAZZi WORKSHOP: The Tranky Doo,15/2/20

Tranky DooThe Tranky Doo is a fun solo jazz routine, full of fabulous jazz steps which will impress your friends and are great fun to learn.
Performed to Ella Fitzgerald’s Dipsy Doodle it is a favourite number for the social dance floor.
Come along and learn it for the first time or give it a polish.

It won’t be ideal for beginners as we will be covering the whole thing at quite a pace but if you are a beginner and want to have a bash – please do, but be aware we won’t hang about!

The cost is £25 per person which will include cold refreshments, fruit and jelly babies.
Payments by transfer please to Swing Dance MK 09-01-28 94663117

VENUE: Leighton Middle School, Church Square, LU7 1EX.

Entrance to the school car park is off Bridge St, just off the West Street roundabout and opposite Dorvic’s Bike Shop.


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