Shag at Sugar Hill starts 7th March 2019

Join Caroline and Sandy for a 4 week ‘beginner’ level Shag course at Sugar Hill. swingdancedate(1)
Shag developed as a ‘street’ dance of the late 20s and early 30s at the start of the swing era and would have been the ‘hip hop’ of today.
It is very popular in America and is now regulated by tough competitions. Here, we love it because it is fun, crazily flamboyant at times and is great to try when the tempo goes up on the social dance floor.
Shag is becoming more and more popular so why not come and give it a try.
Predominantly 6 count, it can look very energetic but good, efficient technique can mean you don’t have to go mad – everyone can give it a go!
Just £26 for the course.
Contact Sandy on 07918 167217 to book or private message.

VENUE: Great Brickhill Village Hall, Rotten Row, Great Brickhill MK17 9BA

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